First post…

Hey folks!

How did you like THAT for a “first post” title? Unbelievably imaginative…right?

Although I’ve been attempting to put pen to paper (see how an old guy talks?) for years, this is my first journey into that funny netherworld known as a “Blog”. So the question arises…”What amazingly cool, heart-wrenching, gut-busting funny piece do I lead off with?” This is almost like getting ready for a dreaded first date, and thinking, “Do I wear the yellow pants with the green shirt? Or the green pants with the yellow shirt (and pink tie)? What will her parents think of me? Strong handshake with the “old man” and softer, more delicate with the Mom? Does the salad fork go on the left or the right?” Crap…maybe I’ll just use a tried and true scientific method. I’ll spread a ton of my literary pieces on the floor and see which one the dog urinates on…that’ll be the one!

As you may have gleaned from my profile (or maybe not), I drive big airplanes for a living. I grew up in the family of an aviator (a few yarns about that later) and began my flying career before the end of high school. After graduation, I attended an aviation college, and have been drawing a pay-check by moving literally thousands of people from point A to B for the last 35 years. To say that it’s been an amazing journey would be like saying that Picasso could paint, or that Mozart did OK with a keyboard (or Jenny Craig could lose weight). Words don’t do it justice, but (hopefully) some of my musings will shed a bit of light on what it’s been like to spend a life in the clouds.

Stay tuned…first actual yarn coming soon.



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