Bio: Greetings! Not much to tell. I grew up fourth child in a family of five, living the dream travelling around the world, watching my dear father fly his helicopters for the United States Army. Bitten by "the flying bug" early in life, I obtained my Private Pilots License at 17, graduated from an "aviation college" a few years later, and began my journey as a professional pilot. Four years in the "minor leagues" flying a Swearingen Metroliner, and the last 31 at a major airline (actually TWO different major airlines...my line was merged with another a few years go). It's been an amazing journey. A life of joy, some pain, laughter, MANY awe-inspiring moments, lots of incredible "characters", and sometimes just plain disbelief at what humans do in (and around) flying machines. Hopefully, some of the yarns/tales/stories will offer a glimpse of what it's been like...

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